We produce a wide range of commercial documents including shareholders agreements, terms of trade, supply and distribution agreements, sale agreements, confidentiality agreements...

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We work with clients to arrive at practical solutions to resolve disputes in a way that best achieves their objectives. Our aim is to gain the most favourable commercial solution in as cost-effective a manner as possible.

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We have specialist experience in a wide range of issues relating to Intellectual Property, Competition and Trade Practices law and cover most areas, including commercialisation of intellectual property, registering trade marks...

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We can assist businesses and employees in all types of employment matters in the continually changing industrial relations environment. This may involve anything from drafting an employment agreement, to providing legal representation...

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Estate planning is essential to ensure your assets are distributed after death as you wish. This helps limit or avoid legal and financial complications, excessive fees and expenses, and taxes. We advise on and handle all the issues you need to consider.

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What We Do

Principal of the firm Ian Tait

Principal of the firm
Ian Tait

At Tait & Co, we understand the needs of commercial clients.

1)  Setting up agreements that avoid legal issues
Our first focus is on giving clients valuable guidance on setting up agreements that can best avoid future legal issues. This low-risk path is usually the lowest cost route - by a long way. It also provides a sense of security as it’s designed to protect against business risks, anxiety and future crises.

2)  Dealing with a legal issue
If you are past that point and find you have a legal problem, we take a practical approach to dealing with the situation in a cost effective and timely way by giving you:

  • An honest appraisal of your situation
  • Our experience: we can discuss options, possible outcomes and likely costs
  • ‘Inside’ information on how the legal system works
  • In-depth knowledge of relevant laws and related matters
  • Sharp minds that are on your side
  • The opportunity to make a good decision that weighs up costs and potential results

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Alternatives to Bankruptcy

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You may know someone who is having difficulty managing their financial affairs and has debts and liabilities which they cannot meet. They may be considering declaring themselves bankrupt. Before they do so, consideration should be...

A restraint of trade must be fair

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Globalisation and technology has contributed to increased market competition and businesses are more determined than ever to protect their goodwill, trade secrets and customer connections. Including restraint of trade clauses in employment contracts is one...

Retail Leasing Disclosure Obligations

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When leasing commercial property, it is important for tenants and landlords to understand the relationship they are entering and the rights and obligations they have. In Western Australia, retail leases are regulated by the Commercial...

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