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At Tait & Co, we find innovative solutions that work for you legally and commercially to deal with the issues you face.

Our core mission is to protect your business, your wealth and your loved ones. To achieve this, everything we do for you must accurately reflect your personal and business goals.

Where possible, disputes should be resolved on a commercial basis outside of the court system as that will usually give you the best commercial outcome. However, where this is not possible, we have over 35 years’ experience in representing business owners, executives and employees in the court system.

We provide prompt, efficient and professional legal advice to help you handle your affairs as quickly and accurately as possible. We research practical solutions for you, whilst paying attention to the finer details of complex matters that may often be stressful for you.

You can be assured we will always seek outcomes that have your best interests at heart. Where possible, we strive for outcomes that bring significant benefits and savings for you.

Hi, I'm Ian

Ian has been practising law for over 35 years and has extensive experience both as a commercial lawyer and a commercial litigator. He established Tait & Co in 1997 and is directly involved in handling and guiding all matters within the firm.

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Why Choose Tait & Co?

When you engage Tait & Co, you can expect the following:

  • A leading professional with over 35 years’ legal experience.
  • Reliable and trustworthy representation.
  • Personalised service.
  • Prompt, efficient and accurate legal advice.
  • Practical solutions that reflect your needs, goals and objectives.
  • Protection for your business, wealth and loved ones.
  • All matters dealt with efficiently and cost-effectively.

Contact Ian Tait for personalised and cost-effective advice and assistance, and practical legal solutions that work for you.

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