Climbing Mt Kinabalu

Over the March long weekend, Ian Tait travelled to Borneo so that he could finally climb Mt Kinabalu. Climbing Mt Kinabalu had been on Ian’s “bucket list” for some years but fitting it in around work wasn’t easy! He set off from Kinabalu Park gate on the Saturday morning, reaching “base camp” (3,289m above sea level) around 3pm in the afternoon – it was hot, sweaty and tiring work getting there. He then had time to refresh, eat an early dinner and rest, before setting off for the summit around 2.30am. It was a tough climb to the top (4,095m above sea level) – it involved Ian pulling himself up on ropes and scrambling up rocks in the dark. He reached the summit shortly before sunrise, but it was too cold to linger there for long. So after a short rest he commenced the descent, which was even more difficult than the ascent. Ian was very pleased to get back down, and although shattered from the physical effort of the 2 day climb, extremely satisfied to have achieved his goal.