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How We Charge

At Tait & Co, we recognise the importance of meeting our clients’ needs effectively and at the same time providing good value.

We offer a variety of fee arrangements to best suit clients’ situations. We are happy to discuss these arrangements with you to find the option that works best for you.

If you would like an assessment of your situation so you can decide if you need legal help or not, our Initial One Hour Consultation may suit you (see below).

Option One: Fixed fee

There is a wide range of agreements and commercial transactions for which we can provide a Fixed Fee. There are some conditions attached, and the most important of these is that your instructions do not change during the course of the matter. Some clients prefer our Moderated Time Costing option for this type of work.

Option Two: Moderated Time Costing

In this case fees are based on the time taken to complete the work. The charges are ‘moderated’ (reduced) both to eliminate any time inefficiencies, and also by setting the charge-out rate at different levels for the various people in the team involved in the work.

We keep our charge-out rates very competitive compared to other Western Australian legal firms. Our rates range from $110 per hour (including GST) for a law clerk to $495 per hour (including GST) for the principal of the firm.

To keep costs down we ensure that your work is carried out by the lawyer with the lowest charge-out rate who is well able to handle the work. Keep in mind that all work is overseen by the principal of the firm to ensure best practice.

We are happy to discuss likely costs, and in some cases we are bound to provide cost estimates before undertaking work on this basis. Moderated Time Costing is generally best suited to Dispute Resolution and Commercial Litigation matters.

Option Three:  Flexible Retainer

We are happy to provide legal services for a fixed periodic fee. Fees are usually paid monthly, but this can be varied by agreement.

This arrangement works best when we are receiving instructions on a regular basis from a client over a period of time. A key benefit is that we gain a thorough understanding of our client’s business and can readily provide advice and legal work to our client’s advantage.

The terms of the retainer and the fees agreed are balanced to suit both our client and the firm.

Initial Consultation

We provide an initial one hour consultation with the principal of the firm for a discounted fee of $385 (including GST). At this consultation we will provide you with advice and, if further work is needed, a cost estimate for undertaking that work.

Contact us and ask

Please contact us at buslaw@taitlegal.com.au or call on 9422 8111 for any further information you would like on fee arrangements and our services, or to arrange an initial consultation.