Ian’s Christmas break in New Zealand

Over the Christmas Break, Ian Tait and his wife Alison visited our neighbours across the Tasman Sea. They started off in Christchurch and finished up in Wellington, but the highlight of the trip was a 3 day guided walk/kayak tour in the Abel Tasman National Park at the top of South Island. The scenery was magnificent – turquoise waters, golden beaches and lush forests. The weather was surprisingly good considering they were in New Zealand! The biggest challenge of the 3 day tour was kayaking on the Abel Tasman Sea in blustery conditions, especially as they had to negotiate the “Mad Mile” an exposed section of the coastline notorious for rough seas and waves coming in all directions. Fortunately the group of 5 double kayaks with their guides managed not to capsize and appreciated the calmer waters of the “Mellow Mile” which followed. All in all it was a most worthwhile experience, although still water, like a lake, will probably be more appealing for any future kayaking adventures.