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 Intellectual Property and Competition Law

Although intellectual property is a valuable asset for any new or established business, in many cases it is not sufficiently documented, protected or recognised. We can help you take stock and then protect and manage your intellectual property, so that you are in the best position to prevent others from using your intellectual property without your consent.

How we help protect your intellectual property

Tait & Co has extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of intellectual property law, competition law and trade practices law. Here are some of the ways we can help you:

  • Conduct intellectual property audits, so you know what you own or are purchasing.
  • Advise on the best methods for registering and protecting your intellectual property.
  • Ensure your agreements contain appropriate clauses to protect your intellectual property.
  • Prepare agreements including confidentiality agreements, and technology and licensing agreements.
  • Assist with commercialisation of intellectual property.
  • Implement and maintain intellectual property and trade practices compliance programs.
  • Help you enforce your rights and determine whether to take a matter to court.
  • Represent you in all intellectual property cases before courts and arbitrators.
  • Provide strategic insights to reach a commercially sound settlement.
  • Respond to intellectual property claims against you and your business.
  • Help prevent future infringement claims against you and your business.
  • Review your advertising and branding to ensure compliance with the law.
  • Conduct trade practices audits to ensure compliance with the law.

What we have found over the years is sometimes a business believes it owns less intellectual property than it actually does, and therefore does not take the necessary steps to protect its intellectual property, or a freelancer may not be aware that in some cases they retain the copyright in the work created. At other times, perhaps a former employee misappropriates their employer’s intellectual property, or a business seeking to register its trade mark encounters a competitor that is trying to block their application. We can assist in dealing with these situations.

If you have concerns about your intellectual property or have been accused of having infringed someone’s intellectual property, we recommend that you act quickly to avoid potential damages. Please Contact us today.