Wills & Estate Planning

In order to ensure that your estate planning is structured in the best way possible, it is necessary for your advisers to have a good understanding of what your estate is comprised of and how you want it to be dealt with when you die.

Business owners and executives, including those with high net worth estates, choose Tait & Co because we provide a tailored will preparation and estate planning service for both simple and complex estates.

For example, we can do the following:
  • Advise on the best structure for your estate to help minimise the risk of any disputes and conflicts as well as the associated costs.
  • Prepare wills and trust deeds to ensure they are hard to challenge and that your assets pass smoothly and cost-effectively to each intended recipient.
  • Update your will when your circumstances change, such as when you marry, divorce, become a parent or start or leave a de facto relationship.
  • Prepare binding financial agreements to manage your financial matters in a separation.
  • Create wills that work for you and your partner and avoid potential conflicts and disputes.
  • Find appropriate solutions for protecting your assets and growing your wealth.
  • Ensure clear-cut business succession planning for your business.
  • Provide for your estate to finance education, lifestyle, and health care for your loved ones.
  • Prepare (enduring and other) powers of attorney to deal with your assets and financial affairs if you become unreachable, sick, disabled or have an accident.
  • Prepare powers of guardianship to deal with your personal affairs should you become sick, disabled or have an accident.

In addition, we assist your beneficiaries to help limit or avoid legal and financial complications as well as minimise stress during that critical time when they are still grieving their loss.

To learn more about how Tait & Co assists with wills, estate planning and estate disputes, please Contact us.