Estate planning is essential to ensure your assets are distributed after death as you wish. This helps limit or avoid legal and financial complications, excessive fees and expenses, and taxes. We advise on and handle all the issues you need to consider:

Preparing a Will, maintaining an up-to-date Will
This is important to ensure that after your death, your assets are distributed as you wish - and in the most financially efficient and tax effective way. It’s equally important to review your Will when circumstances change, such as if you marry, divorce, have children, or start or leave a de facto relationship.
Preparing a Power of Attorney in case at some point you are incapable of managing your own legal and financial affairs
Preparation and use of Trust Deeds
Agreements between couples to manage financial matters in case of separation
Applies to both married or de facto couples
Business succession planning and preparing succession agreements
Strategies to protect your assets from volatile family relationships or changed financial circumstances (including bankruptcy). You can read more about protecting your assets here.