What our Clients Say

Prepared wills for long standing clients of the firm:

“Just to thank you for sorting out our wills so thoroughly. We were delighted to see you yesterday, and to learn you are managing to thrive during these troubled times.”

N and B 25 August 2020

Provided employment law advice:

“Thank you very much for your advice. It is very clear. I will ask the Directors if they would like a formal letter of advice from your office.”

Finance & Admin Manager 19 August 2020

We successfully obtained payment in full in relation to a contractual dispute:

“Thanks Ian.
Great job.
We got it done.”

TW 19 June 2020

From an accountant who regularly refers his clients to us:

“Thank you Ian, you are my first option when my clients need assistance.”

GB 29 January 2020

Acted for a lessor in relation to a dispute with a lessee:

“Thank you Ian. Totally in agreement with your letter and your handling of a very difficult situation which remains ceaselessly unpleasant.”

PC 19 January 2020

Acted on behalf of an employee in relation to an employment dispute:

“I would like to thank you for all your help with this, there is no way that I could’ve had this outcome without you. Always grateful to have you on my side.”

GC 30 August 2019

Ian represented a client in a claim by a liquidator which reached a satisfactory commercial settlement:

“Thank you very much for your efforts in this matter, it’s been greatly appreciated. Glad we can put the matter to rest.”

NC 4 February 2019